Low Pressure Compensator Line

SAE 1″ to 5

Rubber compensators are elastic connectors with turnable SAE flanges. Compensators are used for damping oscillations, vibrations, noises and movements in axial and transversal direction.


Rubber compensators have a plain surface vulcanized to a fabric body (inside and outside) of the rubber part. The outside is weather resistant and protects the fabric against ageing, wear and corrosion. The interior of the rubber part consists of nitril-butadien-caoutchouc (NBR). The outer layer is made of CR (chloroprene rubber). Because compensators have tightening lips on both sides, further seals are not necessary.


For all mineral oil products, crude oil, lubrication oil, cooling oil (-20°C up to 80°C), grease, cold water, warm water up to 60°C, water/oil emulsions, fuel with 30% aromatic content. For operation in suction and return lines.

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